Innovation, Equity & The Future of Prosperity 

About the Program

Innovation can promote economic growth and social and cultural well-being. However, innovation is often conceived and implemented in a way that leads to unequal distribution of its benefits. This program takes a multidisciplinary and cross-national look at how, why, and when the benefits of innovation aren’t always broadly shared.

The benefits of innovation tend to be concentrated in a limited number of industries, regions and hands. Innovation that exacerbates – rather than reduces – inequality can undermine public support for science and innovation and contribute to broader political alienation.

The program examines how the policies used to generate and diffuse innovation affect the distribution of opportunities and outcomes in society. It also looks at which institutions and other factors facilitate or impede the development and implementation of distribution-sensitive innovation policies, programs and practices.

The program will develop knowledge that can be used to design and implement innovation policies, programs and practices that support equitable economic growth and fair distribution around the globe.

Upcoming Meetings


2021 Meetings: 

2022 Meetings:

  • January 17-19
  • May 13-15
  • October 21-23

Calendar invitations and zoom information will be sent by Grace Wong (CIFAR Event & Meeting Coordinator) to all program members and guests. Read more in the "Upcoming Meetings" tab on this program website.


Special Announcements

CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars

The IEP program is recruiting this year for the 2021-2023 cohort and will accept up to three Scholars. As a reminder, the call for Global Scholars closed on October 30th. Jane, Andrew, and Brad have kindly agreed to serve as our selection committee and will be identifying our shortlisted candidates over the next few weeks.  Candidates will then be invited to a virtual selection meeting.  At the final winter/spring 2021 meeting, we expect to have our new CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars joining us.