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Child and Brain Development Program Meeting 

November 11-13, 2019


Registration deadline is Friday October 11, 2019



The Child & Brain Development program examines the effect of the early environment on children, and how adversity can have life-long effects on health and development. Over the past decade, program members have transformed our understanding of the interplay between nature and nurture, and generated important findings related to the biological underpinning of our early experiences as children.


Important Dates & Times

  • Sunday November 10 - Arrivals. Self organized dinner. (Please note time zone change when booking flights).
  • Monday November 11- All day program meeting from approx. 8am to 5pm. Followed by a group dinner for all.
  • Tuesday November 12 - TBD - All day program meeting or open lecture. Details to follow.
  • Wednesday November 13 - half day program meeting from approx. 8am to 12pm, followed by departures.


Additional Information

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Visitor Visas/Entry Requirements

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