Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute 

One of Canada’s three centres of excellence in the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, Amii is an Alberta-based non-profit institute that supports world-leading research in artificial intelligence and machine learning and translates scientific advancement into industry adoption. Working with industry partners of all sizes and sectors, Amii grows AI capabilities through advancing leading-edge research, delivering exceptional training offerings, and providing business advice – all with the goal of building our partners’ in-house AI capacity.


Amii’s more than 400 researchers work across diverse areas of AI and machine learning at affiliated academic institutions, including a 20 year history at the University of Alberta and growing connections with Carleton University, the University of Regina, the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University. We have significant expertise in reinforcement learning – including leaders such as Richard S. Sutton, Michael Bowling and Martha White – heuristics & search, and we’ve made significant contributions in the area of games and game theory.

Through interdisciplinary teams focused on growing AI capabilities in industry, Amii moves companies along the AI Adoption Spectrum, providing leaderships and technical training in machine learning, advising companies as they develop AI-based business solutions, facilitating the rapid translation of leading-edge research into business outcomes and connecting the world’s top talent with the most innovative organizations.


From advancing fundamental and applied research to training, advising and supporting organizations on their AI strategy development and execution, Amii inspires world-changing machine intelligence for good and for all.