Quantum Cavities Workshop


For those who want to organize themselves into carpools, please log into the Google Docs indicate your date of arrival and departure dates, times and contact information so those without rides can contact those who are driving. Please make your own arrangements and note the outcome on the google document. 

Please remember that rentals should be mid-size car rental at the lowest available rate at the time of booking.

  • We request that car rental bookings are made in advance (preferably a minimum of two weeks prior to the meeting).
  • We ask that two or more people share a rental car.

Please view the shared document to add information to the carpooling spreadsheet: Carpool Google Docs


Shuttle Bus:

To make reservations for a seat on the shuttle bus, visit the registration site made for the workshop: 


  • With the link, the destination is already preloaded so the only option you should see for destination is Jouvence Resort. If you are not seeing this it can be one of two things: either you have visited the regular website instead of the conference-specific booking website, or something in your web browser’s cache is interfering with the conference-specific website, resulting in an incorrect destination list.
  • If you are on the correct website and they are not seeing Jouvence Resort as the destination, you will need to close the window, clear the web browser’s cache and erase cookies, and then go to back to the conference website. You should see the correct destination afterwards. You should never select Magog, if they do Magog will appear as their destination instead of Jouvence and we won’t be able to plan their shuttle transport properly.
  • If they need any assistance with this or if they prefer to book by phone they can always contact us toll free at 1-855-628-3883 (from Canada & the USA) or at 1-819-820-5858
  • When you make the booking, you input your flight information and select if you want to book a one-way or a round-trip. The drop-off and pick-up location at Jouvence will automatically be on the form. You will pay individually online, by credit card.


After the reservation is complete: 

  • Arrival at Montreal airport: When they arrive in Montreal they can check-in at our kiosk located inside the airport between doors #24 and #25. When their flight is on time the wait time once they are at the kiosk is about 0-45mins. The driver will then let them know where to go to board the shuttle once all passengers have arrived. If their flight is delayed we would change their seats to a later shuttle according to their new arrival time in Montreal. You don’t need to match passengers or give us their names at the airport, we would take care of it for you.
  • The day before the departure from Jouvence, you would receive a call or an email from one of Aeronavette drivers letting you know what your departure time will be for the next day. This is determined based on your flight departure time and road conditions so that you arrive at the airport 2-4hrs prior to their flight, depending on their destination.