Canada-US AI Symposium on Economic Innovation (Public Forum)
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Canada-US AI Symposium on Economic Innovation: Public Forum

January 16, 2020

MaRS Auditorium





In partnership with the US State Department and Innovation, Science & Economic Development Canada, CIFAR is hosting the Canada-US AI Symposium on Economic Innovation. The Symposium will explore how innovative approaches to public policy can support the development of competitive AI strategies, while mitigating potential societal risks, such as privacy, equity, cybersecurity and labour market disruption. CIFAR will bring together experts in areas of economics, technology, public policy and governance from Canada and the US to discuss the intersection of these themes, and what lessons can be learned from both sides of the border. The Symposium consists of two parts: a workshop (by invitation only) and a half-day public forum.

The goals of the Symposium are to share knowledge, experience, and perspectives between Canadian and American leaders from academia, industry, policy, and civil society; create opportunities for stakeholders to meet and build networks across borders; generate actionable insights for future Canada-US collaborations. 


Important Dates & Times

  • Thursday, January 16, 2020: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm